Boot on other foot?

For twenty three years I've been earning a crust by poking my microphone under people's noses and asking them questions. Today Cameron McNeish did it to me.

He recorded a podcast for the next TGO Show which will be appearing in the near future on The Outdoors Channel. It felt rather odd to be answering rather than asking the questions, and I have no idea whether I made sense or not.

Rob McIntyre of Sea Kayaking South West certainly made sense when he spoke to me about North Devon, that's the second of this months Podcasts on


Mark Tozer said...

So when does Wales get a mention in the podcasts or one on coaching top tips?

Also just looking at your blog site, I see a link for Joe Faulkner. Is he a mate of yours? Nice fella, always reminds me of Barry Manilow, not sure why

Caring on the good work

Simon said...

So many places, so little time... Nick Cunliffe on North Wales along with a whole new look to the website should be coming either 1st or 15th December. That's provided I can get my Apple Mac working again. I think it's just the power supply thingie that's faulty.

I did Joe's course in 2005 as part of a team preparing for the Hebridean Challenge. The navigation side of it really appealed and it turned me on to doing mountain marathons. He helped us with advice and loaned one of our team a wetsuit - really nice guy. He has also helped in a couple of MM articles written for TGO magazine.

I've put a link to your blog on the front - I'll go read it now!