Recording Podcast

I spent an enjoyable couple of hours in the company of Dr Douglas Wilcox, not actually kayaking but at least talking about it.

Douglas agreed to record a podcast about the Solway and had clearly prepared well because he spoke with great passion and detailed knowledge about an area often overlooked by many people, myself included. However, I might not publish it for a couple of months because he also recorded a second podcast which I want to use first. It is all about taking better photos when sea kayaking, and as his website demonstrates, it's a subject Douglas knows a thing or two about! Expect that podcast in mid-December.

On the 15th Nov I'll publish the second November podcast.

In this one, Rob McIntyre of Sea Kayaking South West describes the best routes in Devon, including two routes to get to Lundy island. If you want to hear it first, go to the Podcast page of and subscribe free for the podcasts and it'll download onto your iTunes player as soon as it's published.

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