Pine Martins (Again)

We think we may have a whole family of Pine Martins visiting the garden. Gordon (one eye) paid a visit two nights ago. Last night, in torrential rain, under a sky lit by flashes of lightning and accompanied by a timpani of thunder, two other PMs called in. Or at least, we think there were two.

The one above, photographed earlier in the year, we believe to be the female. We think she was second to arrive last night. Before her came what appeared to be an even smaller PM, but it's too early in the year for young which are born in April/March. I'll have to look carefully tonight to see if it still has pale, woolier fur which the young loose in the first winter moult. Of course, we might be wrong. It might have been the female on both occasions. Rain and thunder flashes don't make for ideal viewing conditions.


David said...

Hi Simon,
I wondered if you know anything about pine matren distribution in Europe?
Literature i have read seems to imply that pine marten's are not to be found in Portugal, yet i clearly saw one on the roof of my home in Portalegre, Portugal at 04:30 this morning.
I have recently begun to leave cat food out for a stray cat. Could it be coming for that reason?
It was a beatuful creature which seemed to be quite happily running around on my roof top (almost play like).

Simon said...

Hi David
I know very little about them, sorry. But I know the UK Mammals Trust are very helpful
As are Scottish Natural Heritage

Whether they know about Portugal is a different matter! However, I do know that Martens are frequently mistaken for other animals which look similar.

Sorry I'm not being more help.