1st 2007 Paddle

The grim, grey weather of the last few weeks has been like living inside a Tupperware box. Today, we saw a glint of blue through a gap in the lid and headed out to make the most of it. Down on sheltered Loch Creran we made a few discoveries.

Firstly, some creature has been nibbling the padded thigh braces inside my kayak. Secondly, when Liz’s nephew had a minor epic in it, he kicked off a foot peg, and it took half an hour to get the rail undone so I could slide the peg back on. Third, even though it was sheltered where we launched, the forecast Force 5-7 was lurking out in the Lynn of Lorn.
We had intended to paddle around Eriska and launched just after slack water. This would have brought us back through the narrow channel on the flood and a fair old speed. However, when we nosed around Eriska the wind hit. Frankly, neither of us have our sea-legs back yet, so we came back into a little shelter and practiced turning strokes in the wind and under an old pier before heading back the way we came.

Not much of a destination paddle today, but I’m glad we’ve found this little route because it promises to be a good, short route.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Hi Simon, a loveley spot. My uncle used to keep his yacht on a mooring in Loch Creran. I rember quite a chop at the mouth with an ebb tide against the wind!

Simon said...

This was on the flood so I didn't think there'd be much wind over tide. On reflection, with tide whizzing around both sides of Eriska there's obviously going to be something happen where they meet, especially when the wind is blowing hard!