2 New Podcasts

The Oban area of Scotland has such superb sea kayaking it deserves two podcasts and both are published today. Ken Lacey of Sea Kayak Scotland describes a great way to visit the Garvellachs and other good routes. Tony Hammock of Sea Freedom Kayak has picked the Dorus Mor. Find them at SeaKayakRoutes.com


David said...

Simon I can't help thinking that the Oban-1 podcast is not as you intended, maybe it's truncated. Certainly a whole lot shorter than #2 and it seems to come to a sudden end, without your usual sign-off.

Simon said...

Hi David - what was I thinking?

I edited this up in October and realised it was very short, which is why I put the two podcasts out together. But you're right, it falls off the end!

Hmmm. I'm not sure why I left it like that, or what to do now, since many people will have already downloaded it as it is.

I think I'll put a little warning on the Oban page in the Podcast Library and then, when I have a moment, record an end to the version to which it links.

Thanks SO much for drawing this to my attention.

I've just finished an edit at work. I hope I fini

David said...

Simon, either you're a genius or your connection broke just at the right time. The ending to your comment above is perfect!
BTW thanks for the blog and podcasts; nicely balanced and informative.

Simon said...

er, it was a pretty lame joke. I've now added an ending to the Oban1 Podcast in the Podcast Library, so it finishes too.
Thanks again for pointing it out.