New Mountain Marathon

The Highlander Mountain Marathon is new to this years calendar, and early it is too.

It'll happen on 31st March / 1st April - 'All Fools Day', perhaps a suitable choice. Another member of the Westies running club was also looking for a partner as I was so we're hoping to team up. He's having to moderate his ambitions on my behalf, tackling the C class ( 45km 2000m ascent) rather than the B class (50km 2400m ascent) but the weather might turn the whole thing into a tougher challenge than those stark figures would suggest.

All we know about the location for the event is this:

The Marathon will take place this year within 1 hour's travel of Inverness and 4 hours' travel from Edinburgh and Glasgow. The Competition takes place in a remote and moutainous (sic) area where the bulk of the ground is rough hillground and moorland with some intricate contour detail. In view of the time of year however, the courses will avoid the highest sumits (sic) and competitors are unlikely to find themselves exceeding a height of 700 metres. Location of the event will be publicised on this web site from The 17th of March 2007.

Looks like I have some extra weekend training to do. Incidentally, I've written about the Original Mountain Marathon, before and after the event. There's also a Podcast done by TGO Magazine.

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