We've been out collecting rubbish from one of our favourite beaches, the 'Singing Sands'. It is piled up, so visitors probably assume someone comes along with a quad or argo and hauls it out. In our experience, over the last couple of years, this doesn't happen.

I was running without a rucksack, but Liz took her bike and GoLite Gust rucksack, filled it, and carried it out. The glass bottles all went into the recycle point at Acharacle.

On an entirely different subject... reading Derrick's Blog, I see someone else has started kayak podcasting, Radio Rutabaga in the US.


Douglas Wilcox said...

The world is a better place for your efforts. One of the less attractive aspects of Scottish life is the attitude to litter taken by a significant proportion of the population. :o)

Michael said...

I hope someone is building a pristine planet out there so we can move to it after we finish trashing this place. If not, then like you, Simon, we'd all best chip in and clean this one up while there's still time! We take a trash bag every time we walk in the summer and always come back with something.