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Thanks to those who've contributed questions for me to ask Clyde Coastguard when I record a Podcast there on Sunday. More would be appreciated, either in comments or on this Forum thread.
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Here's what I currently plan to ask:


* when do they prefer folks to check-in & report back

Nick Crowhurst in Cornwall asked
What's the attitude of H.M Coastguard to receiving a radio check request on Ch. 16 at the start of a trip that doesn't warrant a CG66? Do they get overloaded with such calls, or do they welcome them? In the past I've checked with a nearby vessel, rather than bother the CG, but sometimes that's not possible. It must be a nightmare for them in the Solent on a summer weekend, but I'd like to know the official view.

Chris Bolton, Warrington asked It would be interesting to hear what they expect from paddlers on a multi-day trip regarding listening on VHF. The battery use on a 7 day trip means that I usually only switch on when I have traffic, but strict protocol says I should leave the set on. It can sometimes cause problems if they want to contact you, as they assume you'll respond. What they would prefer people to do if they are reporting that they are setting out, but don't expect to be able to report they are safe due to lack of radio / phone reception? He gives a personal example of how this created some confusion.

*what info they need / the CG66 scheme
* how and when they respond to a call from a member of the public.
* routine channels for talking to other group members

David P in London suggests You could ask about disposal of flares.

* new broadcast times - why?
* interpreting terms used
* RT procedure for calling for a forecast on VHF

* flares/Epirbs, what happens
* When to call mayday
* what info need and what happens
* talk through the procedure of an emergency call

How they regard Sea Kayaks
Are they concerned that, as sea kayaks become cheaper and available on e-bay, people set to sea with less knowledge and experience. This is an issue which might be worth developing further.
And more questions gratefull received.

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