Kayak Sailing

On our paddle back from Staffa last weekend we saw this sail coming towards us.

At first we couldn't see to what it was attached. Whatever it was, it was small. "I wouldn't fancy being in that", one of us commented.

It looked like a windsurfer, but as we drew nearer, we realised no-one was standing up. Puzzling.

As it came even closer, we saw it was a Feathercraft double folding kayak with inflatable out-riggers attached to an aluminium frame.

We had only seconds to shout a brief greeting. "Sorry, can't stop to chat", came the reply from the back of the boat as they whizzed pass in the direction of Staffa.

We changed out minds. That's a heck of a way to travel!

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Michael said...

Next we know, someone will be circumnavigating in one of those rigs. Staffa won't be far enough!