New Podcast - Canoe Boys with Duncan Winning

This summer I'm making three BBC Radio Scotland Documentaries about the Canoe Boys who, in 1934, paddled from Glasgow to Skye.

In this second Podcast with Duncan Winning, I’m given a tour of the classic kayaks in the archive where he works and Duncan talks about the sort of boat the original Canoe Boys would have used. Listen and subscribe free here or download directly from the Podcast Library.

Incidentally, that's not one of their boats in the photograph. I'm very keen to find anyone who has a kayak of the Lochaber design , or who has stories from a family member who met the original Canoe Boys. They can contact me through this Blog or through

I'll be paddling with Cailean Macleod and working with an old friend, Richard Else of Triple Echo Productions. Richard also produces The Adventure Show for BBC Scotland, so we might also end up on TV.

P&H is kindly lending us a couple of gorgeous carbon-kevlar Quest LV kayaks, quite different to te Lochaber design. We only have one so far, so I'm in my trusty old Quest in this photo.

Oh, and if you don't know about the story, a new large-format edition of the book, complete with fresh material from Alastair Dunnett's family archive, will be out soon from Neil Wilson Publishing.

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I happened to notice a kayak very like the one in your photo on ebay. I don't know anything about it though....

Here's a link to the page: