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So this is where we're spending tonight, camped on the Garvellachs, a lovelky chain of islands north of Jura and South of Mull on Scotland's west coast.

This being Good Friday we had to go to church, so we've been to one which was started in around the 6th Century. St Columba visited the monastery on Eileach an Naoimh whih we visited this afternoon. There are 'beehive' cells, circular stone buildings to where Monks would retreat. The monastery was quite big, and although abandoned in the 7th Century, it became a place of pilgrimage. Standing in the (newer) chaple was quite a moment on this of all days.

We launche at Aerduaine just before 10am and had our first trip through the 'Grey Dogs'. The tide can rip through this place at ober 8knts, so we aimed to head west trhough it in the last half hour of the east flow (against us). It worked perfectly, but I think we were lucky. We met three other paddlers from Oban who were racing to get through against a building stream - I hope they made it.

The weather forecast has the wind rising from F3-4 as it is today to F5 tomorrow afternoon, so we'll aim to be nearer the mainland by then. Our first time paddling in this part of Scotland, and we like it, but it's not as good as Ardnamurchan. I'm biased. But I can be here.

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