Sent from north of Seil Island

I'm not saying exactly where we are but we have a great view up the Sound of Kerrera for our second night kayak camping.

We left the Garvellachs in bad visibility and worked on a GPS heading all the way to the black islands. We didn't see them until within 400 metres.

We had lots of fun in the tide today. Took a weird ride backwards on a strong North going flow off the north of Lunga - during the 4th hour of a south going tide! How does that happen?

Tide again meant we had a wavy course across the Sound of Luing - the water does some strange stuff here. It got a lot bigger and from behind as we approached Cuan Sound, then Easdale Sound.

We think the weather might break tomorrow so we've in a good place to run doen the Clachan Sound and Seil Sound back to Arduaine.

Easter eggs tomorrow.

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