Mind Travels

I used to keep a photo of Nevada Falls, above Yosemite Valley, on my desk. When things became a little stressed I'd go there for a moment or two. I would sit on the warm rock, with my feet in the rushing water that smoothed the stones, and I'd relax. Refreshed, I'd get back to whatever I was doing.

I've now traveled more widely and been to some wonderful places. I find I no longer need the prompt of a photo; I store the memory of that moment in my minds eye and can slip into it just as easily.

I've done that a couple of times today, in between dealing with forms from the Inland Revenue and Spanish tax authorities on behalf of my 84 yr old Mum. You honestly don't want to know the details. But I'll be making another carbon emitting flight to Spain shortly, for just two days, to try to sort stuff.

I'll not get paddling this weekend as I'm signed up for a Emergency First Aid (REC 2) course in Aberfeldy with this outfit.

If it's any good, I'll be concentrating hard. If it's not, then in my mind I'll be paddling.


Wenley said...

Do not let judge Spanish official tax forms too quickly, Simon.
They are famously the most effective eyaculation retardant.

Michael said...

For a second there I thought Wenley was making one of those 'kayakers stuck on the beach' comments! This one seems to have a wider intent, to include all the world's tax paying sots.