Praise for Yak

I can be grumpy. You may have noticed.

If things aren't right, or service is below standard, I will complain. Good service should be the norm. But the cosmic Ying and Yang requires balance. So when I receive exceptionally good service, then to avoid turning into an utter grouch, I ought to praise.

Step forward Crewsaver, the UK distributors of Yak Adventure Equipment.

For the last year I've carried an inflatable paddle float behind the seat of my boat just in case the re-entry-and-roll doesn't work. It rarely does. While dunking the equipment the other day I noticed both inflation chambers leaked. There were holes at the edge where the float was folded, which I thought I could patch, but in another area the fabric seemed to be disintegrating. I e-mailed Crewsaver to ask if they could repair it and they said, "send it in". Within a week a replacement arrived free of charge.

Good one Yak. I've asked for your brochure and after service like that, I'll consider buying more of your gear.


Gavin Cook said...

Had a similar experience with a paddle float from NRS with both inflation tubes becoming brittle and falling off. Considering it could be a life-saving piece of equipment....very nasty. After contacting them, they confirmed there was a problem with the tubes and sent me a new one, to Australia, at their cost. Outstanding customer service and I highly recomend all their gear. Timely reminder to check all your kit carefully and reguarly, especially safety gear.

Gavin Cook

lifeboatjohn said...

Simon, I too have had similar service from Yak, I sent in a budget Kalyx (I think that was what it was) cag and by return got their top of the range new cag! Double bargain!!

Good service really puts a smile on my face. Bad service doesn't make me too grumpy, sadly I've come to expect it...


Douglas Wilcox said...

Yes I too have had first class service from Yak. You should consider rolling your new paddle float rather than folding it.