Sunday night - Symposium

I haven't written much today because, as I was advised by a friend who was reading this site, I was in danger of forgetting to enjoy this symposium!

Enjoy it I am. Discovery learning is something I've known about for a while, but Nigel Foser delivers it in a very special way. A morning with him, and I think I'll never look at my paddle in quite the same way. It's hard to put into words quickly in a blog, but I've recorded a chat with him which will hopefull do it justice.

I watched Nigel Dennis' slide-show on "exotic locations", including Antarctica and Easter Island, learnt a little about Greenland boats, and had Howard Jeff discuss the finer points of night paddling.

I'd Patrick Winterton's slide show about his Scottish Extremities tour, an amazing route from Glasgow to Muckle Flugga at the top of Shetland, via St Kilda. When he presented it at the Storm Gathering on Mull it was impressive, with a little bit of video in the middle. Patrick had actually shot the whole trip on video and this time, after a "live" introduction, he played this DVD which really was well done. A question-and-anser session followed, with a popular question being, "where can I buy the DVD".

I'll try to record a Podcast with Patrick tomorrow morning.

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