Arctic Voice Expedition Started

I've just spoken to Richard Cree as he sat in an airport departure lounge.

Richard has four days of travelling ahead of him to reach Arctic Canada. He's travelling with Stephen Doughty and Glenn Morris.

The expedition is called Arctic Voice because they plan to record interviews with indigenous people about the way life is changing, particularly in response to the changing climate.

They have arranged links with schools in the UK to emphasise the educational aspect of their project.

They're starting at Inuvik, in the Mackenzie Delta, travelling through Nunavut and ending at
Chesterfield Inlet. They're following the fabled North West Passage" over two summers, using Featurecraft folding kayaks and dog leds.

You can listen to Richard talk about preparations for the Arctic Voice expedition in a Podcast. You'll find that and many more in the Podcast Library.

Good luck to them.


Olivier said...

Hi Simon,

I have relayed your news on my french seakayaking blog

thanks for your blog

Simon said...

Good looking blog. Sadly, my school-boy French means I'm confined to looking rather than reading!

Anonymous said...

didn't know Gordon Brown was a sea kayaker