Canoe Boys - almost Doune

We have had the most amazing good weather while we have been recordng this series of radio programmes. A little too good!

Two weeks ago we rounded Ardnamurchan Point in a flat calm. Not much excitement there. Now, as the rest of the UK struggles with torrential rain and flooding, Skye resolutely remained dry right up until the moment we finished recording. Only now is there a midge-loving light drizzle.

We crossed the Sound of Sleat to the community at Doune. The story of the revival of the Knoydart community is well known in Scotland, but these folks are on the edge of a community on the edge. It's turning into a small-scale tourist trap.

Several yacht crews were booked in for dinner tonight and the boat was heading to Mallaig to pick up a ful compliment of visitors who stay in the lodge-type accommodation. Built by Liz and Andy with their own hands, these stone buildings, fully pannelled in wood, really are something.

What's more, they're fully aware that if they welcome too many tourists, the sheer weight of numbers will destroy the peaceful atmosphere people come looking for. They're determined to keep it at a sustainable level.

They also welcome kayakers. You can camp there, provided you're not part of a big group as there isn't much space. You can buy dinner or breakfast provided you let them know the day before on 01687 462656 or e-mail them via their website.

Tomorrow we're off through Kyle Rhea to finish the programmes under the Skye Bridge. I wonder what the original Canoe Boys would make of that?

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