Canoe Boys Part Two

Well that's a first! Making a programme about a classic sea kayaking trip and we haven't been on the water today. Good view from the B&B though. Even Mallaig looks good.

We're on Skye and into the second block of recording for the Canoe Boys programme. We're not repeating the entire route. We're just paddling key sections. And like almost all TV or Radio programmes with which I've been involved, we're not recording in strict chronoligical order.

So from Ardnamurchan Point two Mondays ago, we'll reach Doune tomorrow, then back to Sleat which we did today. Follow that? It'll work on radio. I hope.

Sleat is the hub of the Gaelic Cultuural revival. So we've been speaking to folks at the Gaelic College, including two women fronm Germany who've come here specifically to learn Gaelic. But Sleat is also one of the most expensive places in Scotland to buy a house. So while people want to come and work in this thriving area they can't afford to buy and there are few places to rent other than holiday cottages.

When the original Canoe Boys came this way in 1934 they wrote about "The Highland Problem". Principally this was based around de-population. In those days, the young men and women were 'pulled away' into the shipyards and offices of Glasgow as there was no work up here. Now there is work but they're being 'pushed away' to the cities and other places by lack of housing.

Perhaps this is the new Highland Problem?

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