Have We Struck Gold?

Half way through the first block of recording for the Canoe Boys radio programmes and I think we may have struck gold.

Today we were given the phone number of an elderly gentleman who, we were told, might have met the original Canoe Boys in 1934. I telephoned him this evening. Sure enough, he paddled around Tobermory Bay with them as a nine year old.

"It was a big occasion when the Canoe Boys arrived", he told me, "They were famous". I've arranged to meet him tomorrow morning at the same place.

I still can't upload photos from my camera's data card, I have to use the card from my Palm and shoot specifically for upload. Hence the rather boring photo of the Salen Hotel. However, Cailean used the internet connection in the cafe at Castle Duart, where we recorded this lunchtime, to upload some photos to his Flickr site.

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