Intro to Sea Kayaking

This is Patrick Winterton. Last year he paddled from Glasgow to the northern tip of Shetland via a very indirect route and involving some huge open crossings. It was the first time St Kilda to the Flannan Islands has been done.

Patrick's a great speaker, is selling a DVD of his trip, and I have a podcast with him to edit.

However, we also have a mutual friend. Patrick recently introduced him to sea kayaking. Now our friend assumes huge crossings are an everyday part of the sport. (He rolled on his second attempt).

His first trip without Patrick was a solo paddle from Arisaig to Eigg and back. Because no-one told him this was considered a quite a distance for a beginner, let alone as a solo trip, he didn't make a fuss about it. He just planned the tides, sorted his kit, paddled and had a great day out.

We're looking at Eigg for this weekend.

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