New Pine Martin

New to us, but is this Pine Martin new to the world?
We're a little confused with what's been happening to the Pine Martins which visit our garden. Apologies if this sounds like an episode of Coronation Street with Fur.

Last year we regularly saw one large PM (Gordon). Towards the end of the year and second, slightly smaller PM appeared (Sarah). We knew it was different as Gordon only had one eye. Liz even saw them together. We assumed it was male and female. Over winter we had fewer sightings.

This Spring we've seen nothing of Gordon or Sarah.

However, a third PM has appeared (Oscar). It is considerably smaller than both the others and we wondered if this was their offspring. Yet it seems too large and too confident for an animal born two months ago.

Could it be an infant from last year? Perhaps Gordon & Sarah are so engrosed in bringing up this years kits that Oscar has moved into their territory? Except males aren't supposed to have anything to do with rearing their young.

It's puzzling, but entertaining to watch Oscar growing in confidence and ability, spending longer on the bird table each time he comes, and only disappearing into the bushes with a big of bagel when he has finished everything else.

Oh, and he's a fast mover! Hence the blurred photo of him leaving the bird table.


Michael said...

I wonder why no one on Coronation Street ever mentions their kayaking outings? I mean, surely they paddle, wouldn't you agree? Must be something we can learn there... ;-)

Catriona said...

Absolutely fantastic. Who know's what has been going on with the PM's?? Regardless, your photos are still great and bring a big smile to my face when I see them. I hope the PM's know how lucky they are to have such yummy food to eat : ). Cat x

Anonymous said...

Just a long shot, but these aren't the garden pine martens which were shown on BBC2 last night, are they?

Mark R