Pine Marten - Kits?

A digression from sea kayaking for those following the soap opera of the pine martens in our garden.

We thought two from last year (Gordon & Sarah) had been usurped by one (Oscar). We now think "Oscar" is Sarah in her summer coat. We bought a thin pamphlet from the mammal society which helped us piece together some of this.

If it is Sarah, she is leaving scat everywhere, perhaps marking teritory to keep Gordon away? She is gorging herself and, Liz noticed, taking food away from the garden. Perhaps she has young to feed? "Kits" or "kittens" I believe they're called.

So in true soap opera trailer style... cue deep voice-over:

"Is Oscar really Sarah? Has Gordon rejected her or is Sarah determined to be a single mother? Where are the missing babies? Tune in next time....

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Catriona said...

Regardless of who is who, and what is what...this PM is absolutely beautiful! Well done again to the wildlife photographer. What a marvellous picture x