Recycled Fleece

It looks just like a normal fleece. It's not.

From autumn 2007 all Polartec materials in the Berghaus range will be made from recycled fleece. Here's what they say about the process:

"The process to produce the new fabric begins with post-industrial waste, including yarn and fabric by-products. These are then made into polyester chips which are melted and purified before the molten mix is turned into a fibre. Once this fibre is spun into yarn, it can be made into the fabrics which appear in the new Berghaus Polartec® products."

Recycling fleece products isn't new. Patagonia and others have done it for some time. But it's good to see this company starting.

How do you get your old fleece to Berghaus to recycle? I don't know but I hope that's the next step.

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