Sent from Oban

We're on the road.

This afternoon we began recording the Canoe Boys radio programmes on the island of Seil. Ken Lacey (I'll add the link later) was our first contributor, and we chated to Ken on the bank and on the water.

We've worked out a way of getting decent quality sound by putting mics in condoms, pinning them to the BAs, and then putting the mini-disc recorders in waterproof food-bags stuffed inside the back pockets. We spent a bit of time making sure that system works. Seems OK. It'll need to be.

Tomorrow we start early with the Dorus Mor, a rather exciting tidal stretch which gets lumpy when the wind is against it from the North West. The inshore forecast promises 4-5 occacionally 6 from the North, so that's going to be interesting!

Still, we have a boat acompanying us. Which sounds like a great reassurance until you realise there's a cameraman on that boat filming for BBC-2 Scotland's Adventure Show. So if... sorry when... I end up in the water it'll become the focus of the feature. Great.

We're missing out the section in the Clyde and only paddling the highlights. This is a radio production not an expedition, more's the pity. So we're in Oban for two nights then on Sunday heading off to Mull for two nights based in Salen.

We're using two P&H boats, a LV Quest and a new Cetus. The Cetus is going down very well with Cailean and when Ken tried it today he was highly impressed. I'll try to get it for a paddle.

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