Two-thirds Done

Programme One and Two of the Canoe Boys documentaries for Radio Scotland are done and the start of programme Three is also recorded.

An early start saw us at Ardnamurchan Point, the most westerly point on the British mainland, by mid-morning. Neither Cailean nor I had ever seen the sea here so quiet. With the lighthouse towering above us, I could get close enough to reach out and touch the very point.

Our producer was waiting for us on the old jetty and again the lack of swell meant we could get close enough for us to be recorded on the higher quality boom microphone as well as our individual mini-discs. Here we recorded the opening to programme Three, an opening which involved me getting wet!

We make no claim to be paddling all the Canoe Boys 1934 route. It would be wonderful to have the time to do so, but budgets and other pressures just don't allow. So cars and ferries are speeding us through the sections we've both previously paddled to get tot he next recording location.

Hopefully one day I'll be able to take a month of and, with Liz, paddle the whole way.

If there was ever to be such a thing as a "Scottish Sea Kayak Trail", then this would make a good one - "The Canoe Boys Kayak Trail". But I fear if such a designation was made, or such a guide-book written, then the campsites and infrastructure would suffer.


Anonymous said...

Riveting stuff, glad you've had a productive trip.

Mark R

Michael said...

I always find it interesting to paddle along a route full of history. Here in Canada we have lots of old voyageur routes and Indian trails. It always gets the adrenoline running as you paddle. As for keeping the crowds at bay, plan for a small private publishing or a carefully selected mailing list!