Cross Scotland and Back in a Weekend

Ten years ago my friend Allister and I were into big mountain-bike routes.

We had a group of equally daft biker friends, one of whom was Steve Wade the co-owner of Orange Mountain Bikes, and we'd set off on routes not knowing if we could finish them.

In this way we blazed the cross-scotland-and-back-in-a-weekend route between Ardgay and Ullapool. I photographed and wrote it for MBUK.  Continues

We don't claim to have devised the route, because others will have walked it for centuries, but I understand it (and other variations) is now quite a popular bike and running route.

I was recently contacted by Cailean on behalf of his friend, Karen Darke who'll be attempting this on a hand-bike (see her website to explain this). Karen was trying to choose between the north and south route around a loch.

I sent her the above map with annotations in reply along with scans form the original 1997 article. It brought back superb, if rather tough memories.

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