Tonight - new boat

This is a real sign. There is space on the paper to spell cheese with the "e" on the end. Oh dear.

Things like that have annoyed me recently, probably because last few weeks have been rather stressful. I've been trying to do too many things at once.

I had a big decision to make about an operation for my Mother in Spain. I had to find and talk to doctors here - Douglas was a great help.

Liz has been in London with her Mother who has also had an operation.

The 'day job' has involved moving to a new building where the technology works in an entirely different way. And occasionally doesn't.

And I've been writing several freelance articles for newspapers.

Tonight it's payback time. Tonight, I collect my new sea kayak from Scottish Paddler Supplies. Others have been second-hand or demo boats, so this is my first new sea kayak. I hope I'm not disappointed.

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Douglas Wilcox said...

Simon enjoy your new boat!!