Solar Charger for Phone/Palm

I'll be interested to see whether this 'Free Loader' charges my mobile phone and Palm computer while we paddle.

It works in two ways. It either charges up its own internal battery, which can then be used to power the devices, or it can charge them directly. Sounds good.

It's meant to fully charge itself in six hours. However, I put it in our window on Friday and the red lights have yet to turn green. Hmmm.

The wide range of attachments for different piece of kit looks good, but it's no use if it doesn't charge. I'll report back.

It's the second solar charger we're carrying. The other one will charge our AA batteries for use in the GPS.

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Michael said...

I'll look forward to hearing how well it performs. I use a Brunton solar charger for my AA batteries and it does change them, but it's a long process and I find during a trip, I gradually lose power. It doesn't keep up with my consumption rate, in other words. Good luck with this one!