Test Pack

Amazingly, it all fits!

The four Lomo taper dry bags are superb. Each one holds four days food, then the rest can be squeezed around the skeg box.

How come, when you pack a kayak, it all only just fits? When we went out with these boats for two nights, it only just fit. Here we've a tent that's double the size, six times as much food, and more spare clothing. And it still just fits!

There's no room for all the battery chargers, but then , there's probably going to be no where to plug them in. I've come across a better solar system. More on that later.

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Douglas Wilcox said...

Good luck for the trip, Simon and Liz. I had always hoped Alison and I would manage something similar but for various reasons we never foresaw, that is unlikely to happen now but we can always dream!

Great article in today's Herald and thanks for the mention. :o)