You thought it was Scotch Myth?

Yesterday's newspapers screamed "Fat Nation".

New research showed Scottish people were, on average, the second most obese in the world. Only Americans were, on average, chubbier.

Today I spotted this in Edinburgh. Incidentaly, it's not only Mars Bars which are deep fried here. That's also how pizzas are cooked in some chip shops.

Just looking, you can feel your arteries harden.


Michael said...

My son and his cousin introduced this Scottish delicacy to Singapore last winter to wild reviews in their university dorm. I wonder if it will alter the next obesity figures...?

Jan Egil Kristiansen said...

Yes I did. Had promised/threatened my kids with it, but did not find it when visiting Scotland this summer. Monster Muffins did the job, though.

But I tried haggis, and found (but skipped) a bottle of Buckie.