Canoe Boys Presentation at Paddle 07 next Sunday

This image of the Canoe Boys, from 1934, comes from Alastair Dunnett's personal scrapbook.
Next Sunday at 1pm I'll give a presentation about them at Paddle 07 in Perth.
I'll have a load of stills like this courtesy of Ninian Dunnett, Alastair's son who has republished his Dad's book.
On video, I'll have a feature about the trip I made with Cailean MacLeod, paddling key sections of the original route for three radio documentaries. The feature goes out on BBC-2 Scotland's Adventure Show on 7th November. Cailean is also taking a workshop at this event.
Also on video, I'll have two extended interviews.
The first is with Ninian Dunnett, who takes us through the famiuly album and explains how the Canoe Boys trip fit into his Father's busy life.
The second is with SCA Honorary President Duncan Winning, who met the original Canoe Boys and puts their achievement into historical context.
Between these, I'll talk for about twenty minutes about what we were trying to do in our radio programmes, what we found, and what has changed since the Canoe Boys days.
I've never done anything like this before, so if you want to throw things or heckle, please don't come!

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