Wired Kayaking

I've agreed to take a workshop at the Perth Paddlefest called "Wired Kayaking".

This is not about drinking a double espresso and a Red Bull before going on the water.

"Blogging, Podcasting and getting noticed on the net. Share ideas on publicising expeditions, earning money from adverts, and sending content from remote places" is how I described it.

The plan suffered a set-back yesterday when the organisers were told there was no internet access in the Bell's Sports Centre. It would be rather difficult to take this workshop in such circumstances! Today, the ever helpful Jakki e-mailed to say someone would run a cable into a room where I could go on-line. High-tech, eh?

Incidentally, in my description of this workshop, note the use of the word "share". I do not have a monopoly on wisdom when it comes to this area. I understand very little about computers, and only want to know how to make them work for me.

I'm delighted to take ideas and suggestions from wherever I can. So please add a comment, e-mail, or come to the workshop in Perth at 2pm on the Saturday.

Oh, I'm also giving a presentation on the Canoe Boys on the Sunday, but more about that later.

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