New TideRace Expedition Sea Kayak

It was utterly impossible to get online at Paddle '07. My apologies if you were expecting regular posts - I was too! Lack of wi-fi anywhere in the vicinity and a highly temperamental local government network at the venue kept me off my computer.

But by popular agreement the newest thing at the show, and certainly the sexiest (boat) was the expedition kayak from TideRace. The sodium lighting in the old sports hall is awful (and played havoc with Douglas Wilcox's otherwise excellent slide presentation). Try to ignore that and look at the lines on this baby.

Around 10th November I'll try to put live the podcast I recorded with its designer Aled Williams who talked me through the changes to the boat and what makes it special.

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Michael said...

Aled has loaned one of these boats to Wendy Killoran for a paddle around Sicily next month. Hopefully she will make the trip and give us some feedback on her impressions of it as an expdition kayak. She usually paddles a Current Designs Solstice GTS, so her comparisons will be interesting.