An Obsessive Self-Publicist Writes....

The Red Consultancy are publicising a study for MSN Video. Do they mean us? Sorry, me...

Over 2 million Brits are obsessive online video self-publicists, posting their own footage onto video sharing websites to promote themselves or their work according to a new study from MSN Video.

Men have the biggest online egos, being twice as likely as women to use online videos for self-promotion (34% compared to 16%). Women are more likely to use uploading video as a way of sharing news and movies of events with family and friends (35% compared to 25%).

In a bid to become ‘DIY ad agencies’, older Brits are harnessing the power of online video to boost their business, with a fifth (19%) of uploaders over 45 years old using it to showcase catalogues of work and promote their company.

Regionally, over a third (38%) of Londoners upload content to video-sharing websites for self promotion, whilst the South of England is the most modest with only a fifth (21%) using online video for promotional purposes.

UGC O’clock
· 30% watch in the evening (6pm-9pm)
· 13% watch on the weekend
· 82% watch at home
People who view User Generated Content:

· Male (65%)
· 18-24 years old (87%)
· Lives in London (62%)
· Key reason = entertainment (38%)

People who upload User Generated Content:
· Male (26% )
· 18-24 years old (33%)
· Live in Wales (29%) and the Midlands (29%)
· Key reason = sharing with others (29%)

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