Website Refresh

I've refreshed the look of two of my websites and added a third. (and is still the main front page for Podcasts. The left box updates automatically when I add content. The banner links to the left give easier access to the other sites. There's also a direct link to

And if you're looking for sea kayak books, then I'd certainly appreciate you buying through my store as the pennies it generates might help pay for the bandwidth.

I've added a new site, which in time will be an access point for other media, such as sellingthe CDs of The Canoe Boys. Mid you, I'm not convinced anyone will want to buy them! This site is also home to the larger Mountain and Kayak Book Stores.

Published articles remain on

Again I've refreshed the front page so there's direct access to many more articles and easier navigation.

The front page is in an entirely new place, so people may have to change bookmarks, but not if they've linked directly to articles. the articles remain in their existing places.

There's also a Mountain book store.

Why all this activity? Liz was at a Yoga workshop most of Sunday. Left alone in the city this was my surrogate for paddling.

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