Calling America - The Statue of Liberty

The face of his mother, the body of his wife. The sculptor's that is. It's loaded with symbolism and coincided with a deterioration in relations between the United States and France.

Running to work I finally got around to listening to a superb BBC Podcast from the series In Our Time. The Statue of Liberty was the subject, and the round table discussion combined the historical context with philosophical notions of liberty.

I highly recommend it. Indeed, I recommend subscribing to the whole series. Exercise your mind as you run. Or kayak.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
check out the BBC series of podcasts on Vikings.....

All the best

Erling said...

I didn't catch it if it was mentioned but apparently the copper for the statue was extracted from a now closed copper mine just north of me. Nice to (sort of) be a part of this "transatlantic friendship" as they put it, if only at the raw material side of things!

"It has been widely rumored that the copper used in the building of the Statue of Liberty in New Jersey came from Visnes Copper Mines at Karmoy near Stavanger in Norway. In the autumn of 1985 copper from the statue was analyzed and it has now been confirmed that it was indeed extracted at Visnes."