CanoExpo Saturday pre-show

Saturday morning the event begins. I spotted two of my photos on two different manufacturers stands blown-up into huge posters. They look good!

Both were taken on the same shoot at the Falls of Lora for Justine Curgenven’s last DVD. I gave the shot of Cailean in his Rockpool to Mike Webb ages ago and the tiny image of Nick Cunliffe in a Valley boat to Pete Orton. Although Mike said “thank you” neither he or Pete told me they were using the images. So it was a nice surprise.

I’m particularly looking forward to getting my hands on the new Rough Water Handling DVD from Olly Sanders to see how the sots from the microlight work out.

Before today there have been a few grumbles that no retailers other than Brookbank are at CanoExpo. Why? Well, here’s the official reply: “This event is organised by Brookbank Canoes and Kayaks. A small number of other specialist retailers will be at the show. Other canoe shops are not involved with Canoexpo this year as the concept of the event is different to other shows you may have been to. If this year is a success we will look at how we can involve other retailers in future years.”

So while wandering around the hall, if you find an item you want to buy, you drop it in your clear plastic bag and pay for it on your way out through Brookbank’s tills.

A day ticket is £8 in advance and £10 on the door, and there are concession rates for families and both days. It’s particularly geared to white water rather than sea although there ought to be enough to keep me interested.

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