Campervan for Kayaking (Again)

Oh dear. I'm starting to get comfy in this VW campervan and we haven't found the money to pay for it yet.

The conversions we like are done by Jerba Campervans, a small, family run business on a little industrial estate in North Berwick.

All the comments to the previous entry were REALLY useful - gave me lots of questions to ask and I sounded like I knew what I was talking about. Thanks guys.

And I see what you mean about space being a constant issue. Still, it's bigger than the car we sleep in.

We haven't been paddling since early January and I have cabin fever. Still, a lot has been happening. I'm off to Spain this week to try to sell my Mum's house.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you rent one for a few days and see how well it meets your needs?

Simon said...

Good idea but we've both used campervans in the past. We know how they work for a short holiday, and Liz used them extensively in Australia and NZ.

It's the idea of having just the one vehicle for everything that's giving us pause. But I suspect we'll go for it.