Campervan for Kayaking Pt3

Another Friday, another campervan.

We're getting close to a decision, so not too many more of these posts. Promise.

Robert is a fellow sea paddler who just happens to run KiraRentals, one of the biggest campervan rental businesses in Scotland. After his comment on the first of these posts, when we began our search, we had to check out his Go-Pod vans. They're based near Glasgow airport.

Robert set out to make the most basic campervan. It's aimed at sporty people who's fill it with muddy boots, bikes and wet kayak kit. There's no pop up roof, the facilities are basic and "It's basically bombproof", Robert reckons. Just what you want for a rental.

But to buy? We're not so sure.

This is going to be our only vehicle. While I usually prefer simple and basic, this felt a little too basic. And as I told Robert, that fake wood is revolting.

But - and it's a big but - this one is a 2006 VW T4 van with 31,500 miles and it's for sale for £20k. It sounds a good price to me, but I'm a newbie at this campervan lark.

Is it? I promised I'd pass on all comments.

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