A Blogger who Makes Money Blogging

I spotted this in today's media Guardian and it's interesting reading, especially for bloggers. Jeff Jarvis gave up his "day job" with big media and now earns a (modest?) six figure salary. Not all through blogging, but his blog got him the work.

Jeff writes, "If I add all that up over the past five years and the five to come, to me the blog is worth a few million (dollars, not pounds, sadly). "


Chris said...

Thanks for posting that. I get the Guardian, but must admit that the Media section is usually thrown away unopened.

It is interesting that while he makes some cash from adverts, most comes from elsewhere. IT is refreshing to her that after so many tales of Adsense income /affiliate sales income. My main blog gets about 450 hits a day, but makes pennies on the adverts.....good job I do it for the interest - and sort of indexing interesting things I'd otherwise lose - rather than for the income.

Simon said...

I think you're doing well! In several months of Adsense I haven't reached $100.

I was interested in this Jeff's view that the blog is not the prime source of the income, it leads to the (very diverse) sources of income.

We'll see, eh?