Rubbish on Beaches

Plastic litter on the UK coastline has increased 126% since 1994 according to the Marine Conservation Society's report. The largest single source of litter was visitors and recreation on the coast (35.3%) followed by fishing litter (13.7%). The problem exacerbated as more products are now made of plastic.

Scotland has the highest level of litter density, up 30.4% in a year.
Northern Ireland's beaches litter density increased 60% in a year.
South West England had the highest level of rubbish per kilometer.

Made me think of a video I posted almost a year ago...


Anonymous said...

Depressing. Do you have a link for this source?


Mark R

Nelson said...

That is totally unacceptable!

Simon said...

Nelson - totally agree.
Mark - you're right, I should have linked to a source. Sorry. New post done to provide this info.