The Scottish Kayak Trail - Initial Feedback

I spend a lot of time with politicians. In their world, new ideas are either marvellous or rubbish. It depends whether they're in the same political party as you.

I honestly expected a 50:50 response to the idea for a Scottish Kayak Trail. Some people might like it, others would monster me. But no.

There has been some criticsm on the forum, but the idea for the UK's first long distance 'trail' for sea-kayakers is not proving as controversial as I anticipated. Not yet. Give it time.

I received some nice e-mails and there are some decent responses on that thread too (feel free to add to it or comment here). Cailean wrote about it on his blog, which shows great restraint as he has known about it for ages. In fact, I was paddling with him, recording the BBC programmes about The Canoe Boys, when I had the idea for the trail. It was the story of the 1934 voyage by Alastair Dunnett and Seumas Adam which inspired me.

I recently mentioned the idea to Dunnett's son Ninian who replied "What a great ploy", as Dad would have said.

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