Stay Warm in Camp - Sleep in a Mask?

There are some pretty wacky ideas out there for ultra-light camping techniques. This one is particularly strange.

TGO Magazine's new contributor Eddy Meechan is experimenting with wearing a dust mask while sleeping to reduce the amount of warm air that's lost. Eddy writes:

All cold climate mammals are equipped with long snouts and enlarged nasal cavities and sinuses.
The larger the surface area of the nasal cavity and sinuses, the greater the capacity for preventing heat and moisture loss. It's been suggested that this is why our cold weather cousin Neanderthal man had such a huge conk compared with ours.

I'm not endorsing his approach, just reporting it. Read the whole article and judge for yourself.

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Joe said...

Mammals tend to sleep curled up in a ball to protect and warm their vital organs and extremities. In extremely cold conditions, any heat loss is to be avoided (think sleeping in an ice cave).

For ultralight camping, you might consider a Dreamhelmet. In one 6 ounce package, you get a sound-blocking pillow, large eye mask, plus earplugs, and two pockets to hide essentials (money, a lighter, alarm watch, compass, etc).

The Dreamhelmet keeps the light and sound out, and the heat in your head, where it belongs. It can also be used with either of the Polar Wrap Exchanger masks, or with the dust mask, but you may find these items to be unnecessary overkill. Thirty depreciated US bucks (plus shipping) - only on the internet: (see the nice CAMO model).