To See Ourselves as Others See Us

"O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us!" So wrote the Scottish bard, Robvert Burns in his ode "To a Louse".

A three-strong team from Italy is circumnavigating the Scottish Highlands and blogging about their adventure in exquisite Italnglish.

It's fascinating to read their (brief) observations as they pass through our home waters. Recent update: "We set our camp on Lismore Island with sheeps, ticks and wild gooses".

They've picked an ambitious route (pdf download) which will take them from Canna to South Uist, then back from North Uist to Skye. They'll also round Cape Wrath, Cailean did recently for his guide-book.

I hope we bump into them soon.


Maurizio said...

Hi Simon, i'm the guy who is updating the post on their blog. I know my Italnglish should be a bit improved... but i'm doing my best ;-). If you like to have more info on the expedition let me know, i'm quite in contact with the team.

Thank you for the post on your blog.



Simon said...

Hi Maurizio

I hope you didn't mind my choice of word. Your English is a lot better than my Italian.

Although I do know some rather powerful swear words, the result of being driven around California by two, insane Italian girls about twenty years ago... it feels like another life.

I hope the team continues to enjoy the astonishing good weather we are having at the moment. We're heading out on our own trip up the west coast very soon.


Maurizio said...

Hi Simon, no problem at all! ;-) I know i have to improve my english and sooner or later i will do it :-).

The morale of the team for the moment is very high, i hope everything will continue in this way.

Thank you again for the visibility you gave us.