Day out

On 10th bus in 2wks. Coming back from Glasgow where I was sorting our house loan and taking my great video camera in for repair. It broke yesterday, as did my phone. This is a new one. If weather good will get back on water tomorrow or wed.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Greeting Simon, cheer up your day job could be a bus driver! I thought oif your picture on the bus today in London. The #7 East Acton bus driver was so patient at the road junction near Oxford street. The lights changed 5 times before he got through but he never lost his tewmper and was so patient. It made me realize how lucky we are on our little kayaking escapes. I wish you and Liz a mellow trip for sections 3&4.
Douglas :o)

Cailean Macleod said...

Happy bunny...

Off to the Lofoten Islands for a week - enjoy Mallaig to Kyle and Kyle to Ullapool.


Simon said...

Douglas - you're right. Every time I hear the traffic reports on the radio I give thanks for where I'm spenidng my time. Sometimes I don't show it enough.

Cailean - have a brilliant time.