Ok, so the photo is fabulous Redpoint beach. Could have stayed there hours.

Marion & Colin now run the campsite at Strath and helped carry our kit from the slipway. The F5-7 seems to be arriving. If it stays, so will we. We have a big headland next and need good weather.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Hello Simon, at the same time as I am following your blog, I am reading Kayak to Cape Wrath by J Lewis Henderson 1951.

Due to bad weather, they had some headland avoiding portages. They portaged from Gairloch to Loch Maree then down the River Ewe to Loch Ewe to avoid Rudha Reidh. (A shorter alternative is Gairloch to Poolewe). They then portaged Altbea to Laide to avoid Greenstone Point.

I hope you get fair weather.


Erling said...

June breeze
dispels clouds -
flock of stars

-- case you appreciate a wind haiku while waiting for fair weather...

Simon said...

Hi Erling
Appreciated. I think...?

Douglas - by the most amazing coincidence, I just read the same book immediately before the trail. They went in for big portages didn't they? Hope we don't have to do that. I want to see the lighthouse from the water.