How I'm Blogging

Michael left a comment asking about how I was blogging from the Scottish Kayak Trail using my Palm pilot, so I thought I’d explain how I send each entry.

It's a fairly small package of kit, but would be a lot smaller if I had an iPhone! Anyway, the entries without a photo are simply written on and sent from the e-mail message editor on my fairly old, standard mobile phone.

Those with photos happen like this.

My Palm Tungsten E2 uses the same data card as my Pentax Optio W20 camera. I put the Palm card into the camera, change the camera settings to the minimum file size (for faster uploading), and take a few shots. I delete all the ones I don’t like, so the only jpg on the card is the one I’ll send.

I take the data card out of the camera (changing the settings back to maximum quality) and replace it in the Palm. Using the standard Versamail program, I write the blog entry on my folding keyboard.

I attach the single jpg photo from the data card. My Palm connects to my mobile phone by Bluetooth (something it set up with a Wizard which came with the Palm) and it connects to the internet via GPRS. I then e-mail my blog entry, sometimes direct to blogger, sometimes via Flickr.

So it only works when I have a cell-phone signal and that will not be guaranteed on the next section. Which we start this morning in Oban.


Michael said...

Which all goes to show it's useful to read manuals! I have all the same kit and never thought to put them all together... Thanks for the explanation.

Martin said...

Wow, that sounds complicated. Surely it's time to upgrade to something like a Nokia N95/N82, which gives you a great camera plus the ability to blog directly from it. You'd reduce the kit you're carrying too...

Simon said...

Hi Martin
Far too complicated! I was waiting for the new G iPhone, but I'll take a look at the Nokia you suggest. There are so many gadgets out there I don't know where to start.

Michael - as Martin suggests, I'd look at doing something simpler next time...