That damn wind. It seems to have been F4-5 occasionally 6 for ages. The F4-5 we can cope with, the F6 in a beam sea is a little too exciting.

Todays forecast was to drop a little. We spent the morning taking photos in Mallaig and talking to people, the best way to learn about a place.

Discovered the Fisherman's Misson is the best value food in Lochaber. It's a charity, so can't advertise, but everyone from the Small Isles,, heading home, waits for the ferry in the mission cafe.

Sadly we didn't meet the keen kayaker who is one of the local police officers but his colleague advised us on parking.

So we left the harbour and, after dodging Bruce Watt's ferry to Inverie, tried to cut across Loch Nevis. No chance. Breaking beam waves with deep troughs.

So we headed deeper into the Loch and cut across just before the narrows, then made our way up the Knoydart coast. Liz didn't like the look of the white stuff outside the headland and we pulled into a lovely bay for a tea break and to hear the weaether.

It's meant to drop to F3-4. If it does we might move on. In the meantime I put up the tent (which is brilliant! This Super Quasar goes up in seconds) and Liz is doing a beach clean-up while we wait.

We might stay the night. No rush. Except a Mallaig fisherman advised us to be off the water on Sunday. "Bad weather coming" he warned.

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