Near Point of Knap

Near Point of Knap, originally uploaded by seakayakroutes.

We find somewhere beautiful, set up camp, and it looks like a kayaker's laundry! Look carefully, and behind my tripod Liz is doing her yoga.

35km today and immediately we're off the route of the trail. We saw a better option and took it, exactly as I hope folks who use this book will do.

First we circumnavigated Gigha, a stunning island with an almost tangible tranquility. Then, back at the north point, we shot straight across to Kilberry Head.

The campsite here is nice, even has a bowling green and putting course, but it's ten quid for two and we wanted a wild camp.

I won't say exactly where we are because the Scottish Kayak Trail book will not recommend campsites or even lunch stops, but we have a good view of Jura and Point of Knap.

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