Now That Was Tough

See that expression? That is what I look like when I'm knackered. Crossing from Oban to Duart Castle was probably the toughest kayaking we've done.

Not that the sea was particularly rough. It was the F4-6 wind hurling itself down the Sound of Mull and right into our faces that made it such slogging hard work.

We found shelter on the Mull coast and Liz wanted to camp. I persuaded her to keep going around the corner. Once level with Duart Castle the wind hit us again, full force. Progress was just 2 kph. As we curved into the bay, this became a beam sea and the shallow sand caused the waves to rear up. We had waves breaking over us from the side - great fun but not with knackered arms.

We landed and ate lots of nice thingsin Castle Duart's eclennet tea shop.

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